Distributing oral presentations online and posting poster presentation files on the portal site

The 135th Annual Meeting will be held in person for the first time in four years. For those unable to attend the meeting in person, we have decided to distribute oral presentations online and post poster presentation files on the portal site.

Please read the following before applying for participation or presentation and be sure to agree to the terms and conditions below.

If you have already registered as of October 16, 2023 and do not agree to the following and wish to cancel your participation or presentation, please notify the program organizer (program@forestry.jp).

To all participants and presenters

  • Do not record, take photograph, or save screenshots of any presentation you are watching or viewing, regardless of whether you are participating in person or online.
  • Do not share the URL or password to log in to the portal site with others.
  • Chat and voice questions are not available for live broadcast of oral presentations. You can only watch them.
  • The online viewing of poster presentation files will not have a chat or other question function. You can only watch them.
  • If you participate only virtually, you will obtain less information for presentations than if you participate in-person, because, as described above, you will not have the opportunity to ask questions and because, as described below, the poster presentation files posted on the portal site may be less informative in terms of number and content.

To all presenters

(1) For oral presentations

  • All oral presentations will be given onsite and streamed live via zoom for attendees only.
  • Presenters are requested to save their presentation files in advance on the day of the conference on a dedicated PC set up at each venue and connected to a wired LAN (the same method used for in-person meetings up to the Niigata conference), and present their presentations.
  • To avoid the possibility of problems, you will not be allowed to connect your own PC that you have brought with you to the presentation. Please be aware of this.
  • All oral presentations will be recorded, and the video files will be prepared after the conference (this process will take about 5 days), and will be available on-demand for one week from March 18 to 25 on the portal site for participants only. (The period of on-demand distribution is subject to change.)
  • Presenters who have special circumstances (e.g., patent-related) that prevent on-demand delivery of their presentation recordings should notify the program organizer (program@forestry.jp) of those circumstances. Such presentations will not be made available on-demand.

(2) For poster presentations

  • Files of poster presentations will be posted on the conference portal site for online viewing from March 5 (three days before the conference) until March 18 (one week after the end of the conference). (The viewing period is subject to change)
  • Files for online viewing must be submitted through the registration site by Tuesday, February 20, 2024. This deadline will be applied because it takes two weeks to post the files on the portal site.
  • Posters that are in the process of being prepared to be displayed at the conference venue are acceptable, but please try to ensure that they show the objectives and main conclusions of the researches and are as close to a completed state as possible. Please note that after February 21, 2024, the file cannot be replaced for online viewing
  • Posters that will actually be displayed at the conference venue may be made from submitted files that have been subsequently modified or revised. However, please make every effort to ensure that the objectives and main conclusions do not change significantly. Student Poster Awards will be judged on posters displayed at the venue.
  • A presenter who has special circumstances that prevent the poster presentation file from being posted on the portal site (e.g., patent-related) should submit a Word file describing those circumstances (a simple sentence such as “I decline to submit this poster presentation for online viewing because it contains information that cannot be made public”) instead of a poster presentation file. The submitted Word file will be converted to PDF and posted on the portal site.

(3) Notes on copyrights, etc.

  • If you wish to use charts, photographs, videos, etc., the copyright of which is owned by someone other than you and you need the permission of the author, please obtain the author’s permission in advance and indicate the information of the source appropriately in your presentation or poster.
  • If you wish to use charts, photographs, videos, etc., the copyright of which is owned by someone other than you, and if certain conditions are imposed on the use of which does not require the author’s permission, please comply with those conditions.
  • Never use photos or images of temples, shrines, works of art, portraits of celebrities, movie scenes, etc., even if they were taken by you.